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Making ordinary awesome.

Clients can expect a people-centred approach that considers the multiple dimensions to the organization or project, and that leverages opportunities to turn ordinary into awesome. The results are outstanding creative work: pieces that are not only beautiful and humane, but that are also valuable tools, crafted to client needs for social, environmental, and marketing impact.


Ticklebelly Hill

Challenge: Develop a branding idea for a rural wedding venue that is neither rustic, nor rural, nor about weddings…per se.


Ticklebelly Hill owners Craig and Sarah Conley had a dream of turning the beautiful, 150-year-old barn …


Fresh Community Face.

Challenge: Develop a community’s visual identity without the trappings of a commercial brand.


St. Croix Vineyard Church wanted to develop some print collateral, both for new members to find out about them, and for recent attenders …

Photo by Deedee Morris.

Jordan’s Resume Rebrand.

Challenge: Repackage Jordan’s carpentry and construction experience into management material.


After over ten years in carpentry and construction, Jordan was considering new employment options and looking at further education. He wanted to present his professional history …


Still no “i”, but several fresh icons.

Challenge: Develop a system of icons and value propositions that complement the website and reach Kim’s audience.


WorshipTeam.com owner Kim Gentes contacted me about a full-page print ad for his online service with an immediate deadline. …


A School for the Arts in St. Stephen

Challenge: Develop campaign collateral for a vision in progress, based around a building in extreme disrepair.


St. Stephen’s University owned a circa 1875 mansion built by William Frederick Todd, former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick (1923-1928). The …


Making a Logo into an Identity

Challenge: Turn a previously-designed web logo into full identity print package.


St. Stephen’s University had just gone through a small-scale branding exercise with another web design agency who produced an expensive vector graphic and a few …


Nine Years of News

Challenge: Move an older desktop method of producing communications into an outsourced printing model. Turn an erratic journal-style communication tool into a communication method that connects supporters regularly.


Until 2002, St. Stephen’s University had produced 100% …


“Tidepool” Booklets Series

Challenge: develop a broad-appeal resource that demonstrates a non-profit’s social value and expertise.


Working with non-/social-profits requires a great deal of time and effort in seeking, developing and maintaining the contributions and support of others, many …


Fast Forward Foreword

Challenge: Write a foreword to an undergraduate-level, Art History resource that does justice to a year of Patricia’s work. You have 24-hours.


Patricia asked me to write a foreword to her guide to the Galleries and …


Improv: Tribute to Nathan.

Friend Jonathan Baker and I did two hours of musical improvisation based on a few themes. The music was part of a community gathering in remembrance of  our friend, Nathan Alberts.


My Team


Matt Frise is a design and communications freelancer with nine years experience in branding, print, and social media for higher education, small business, social-profits and bright-idea-start-ups.