Jordan’s Resume Rebrand.

  • Resume/Bullet Cover Letter/Business Card Kit. Portrait photography by Deedee Morris.
  • Extended Letter of Application for Graduate Program.

Challenge: Repackage Jordan’s carpentry and construction experience into management material.


After over ten years in carpentry and construction, Jordan was considering new employment options and looking at further education. He wanted to present his professional history in a manner better aligned with his career goals.

We came up with the type, copy and layout that shows Jordan knows how to get things done in way that is skilled, efficient, and people-oriented. Portrait photography by Deedee Morris.


  1. Use of slab serif and robust sans typefaces that are dependably solid, rugged and refined. Main text in an open source sans that is clean, friendly, professional, and progressive.
  2. Attention to consistency of detail across all iterations of the identity.
  3. Structured layout that connects clean construction shapes with efficiently organized information presentation.
  4. Wording based on job research to convey Jordan’s passion for working with people and the built environment in an upbeat, professional manner.
  • Jordan Maerz
  • December 2014
  • Identity
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  • Copy

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