A School for the Arts in St. Stephen

  • Front and back cover images capture the vision of restoring a beautiful building. Student profile of the artist adds a human face.
  • Front and back of bifold introduce the vision emotively, and the clean letter contained within shows the the university is worthy of donor attention.
  • Detail of student profile, architectural drawing, and covering letter. Architectural drawing by Mark Sider.

Challenge: Develop campaign collateral for a vision in progress, based around a building in extreme disrepair.


St. Stephen’s University owned a circa 1875 mansion built by¬†William Frederick Todd, former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick (1923-1928). The university was developing an innovative campaign to renovate the historic site into a school of fine arts, the first of it’s kind in the area. Fundraising and development collateral was required to approach major donors with a clear and confident vision of the project. ¬†The building itself was in serious disrepair, and its condition needed to be de-emphasized.


  1. Crafted student profiles that were relevant to the campaign’s objectives – although the university only offered Liberal Arts programming, many students at that time were also working and aspiring artists.
  2. Photographed creative events at the university that suggested the vision using authentic students and community members.
  3. Commissioned an original oil painting of the building for use in the campaign as a vision of the transformed structure, both as a creative photography resource, and as a physical asset to be gifted, auctioned, etc. Original painting courtesy of Jessica Weatherhead (jessweatherhead.com).
  4. Photographed intact details of the historic building evocative of its former grandeur.
  5. Assembled a vision-focused, full-colour bi-fold in cover stock protecting a clean, professional letter of the intent. Small graphic details linked the letter piece to the the bi-fold.
  6. Employed he university’s branding and typography throughout, but in a way that maintain a sense of freshness and openness to innovation – bright fresh colours on airy, white space, clear well-spaced lettering, etc.


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  • branding
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