Making a Logo into an Identity

  • Array of print collateral consistently communicates the university's branding identity in a way that is modern, serene, and fresh.
  • Detail of St. Stephen's print array.
  • By avoiding the normal motifs associated with higher education, St. Stephen's showcases their ability to think differently.

Challenge: Turn a previously-designed web logo into full identity print package.


St. Stephen’s University had just gone through a small-scale branding exercise with another web design agency who produced an expensive vector graphic and a few templates that didn’t actually meet their needs. Designed more for the web than print, the logo used misty shades of silver and aqua that looked clean and modern on a screen, but could easily render in ways that were too soft, bland, or unattractive in print. While the university has switched from paper to electronic versions of many forms, applications and other ephemera, letterhead, multiple types of envelopes, business cards and other classic pieces are in daily use.


  1. Leveraged the logo’s strength with careful use of clean space and proportion.
  2. Subtly adjusted colours to incorporate into copy and avoid printing an expensive third colour.
  3. Maintained a balance between expressing the identity’s modernity and its humanity through arrangements of type, justification, and layout.
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