Nine Years of News

  • A retrospective sampling of the regular communications produced for St. Stephen's University.
  • Example of the most recent interior spread - 2013.
  • Cover example from 2010.
  • Interior spread example from 2012.
  • Example of a back page featuring a push towards a specific call to action (join an email list). Back when QR codes seemed they might go somewhere.

Challenge: Move an older desktop method of producing communications into an outsourced printing model. Turn an erratic journal-style communication tool into a communication method that connects supporters regularly.


Until 2002, St. Stephen’s University had produced 100% of their print collateral in house using various desktop publishing methods. Communications with their supporters and donor base were created by committee annually or semi-annually in a journal style booklet that was printed, photocopied, collated, and prepared for mailing in-house. Their first attempt at outsourcing their news updates failed and was printed but never distributed. Together with President Bob Cheatley I developed a new print style and attitude of communication. The four page periodical was consistent with their recent branding identity, with themes, stories, images and language aimed at maintaining and expanding the existing base of support. Spanning 2004 to 2013, I produced, high-quality deliverables for each fall and spring.


  1. Developed year-long story arcs or themes with the President that aligned with the organization’s development goals.
  2. Increased access to excellent photography through active gathering, and personally taking regular photography.
  3. Developed a flexible template that created consistency to the look and feel of print communications without appearing monotonous.
  4. Crafted narrative arcs through each 4-page piece that led naturally to the newsletter’s primary call to action.
  5. Maintained a version of the university’s branding identity throughout that was crisp and highly legible for a range of ages.
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