Still no “i”, but several fresh icons.

  • Existing elements of the website inspired a print ad that was fresh and upbeat while maintaining continuity.
  • Detail of custom icons and copy created to emphasize primary value statements and complement existing branding.

Challenge: Develop a system of icons and value propositions that complement the website and reach Kim’s audience.

History: owner Kim Gentes contacted me about a full-page print ad for his online service with an immediate deadline. The website was 80% complete at the time of the ad, so images needed to come from elsewhere. The wording of the ad was also required, targeting artists in the contemporary worship music community.


  1. Incorporated the web design elements that had been constructed to date to promote recognition
  2. Developed original icons to represent primary value features of the service.
  3. Crafted four value statements and additional text based on client phone conversations, harvested website copy and promotional videos.
  4. Adjusted the tone of selected visual elements and website copy to be more playful and higher energy.
  • Worship Team
  • December 2013
  • Copy
  • Graphic Art
  • Print.
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