Ticklebelly Hill

  • The results of Ticklebelly Hill's Identity project: at a year out from the venue's grand opening, a logo design, a custom designed rubber stamp, a Facebook page and a clear hand-drawn map was all Sarah and Craig needed to get started.
    Ticklebelly Hill
  • Ticklebelly Hill owners Craig and Sarah Conley (Photo by Shannon-May Photography).
    Sarah and Craig Conley - the entrepreneurs behind Ticklebelly Hill

Challenge: Develop a branding idea for a rural wedding venue that is neither rustic, nor rural, nor about weddings…per se.


Ticklebelly Hill owners Craig and Sarah Conley had a dream of turning the beautiful, 150-year-old barn on their Oak Bay farm into an event venue for weddings, fundraisers, concerts and everything in between. Sarah has years of experience as a wedding planner, but didn’t want the venue’s branding to be restricted to weddings. She was also concerned that the brand didn’t present as “rural” or “rustic” – a clean, simple elegance equally suited to champagne toasts and rocking out (no lighters, please).


  1. Clean, industrial type and styling evokes the barn’s working history and conveys a simple elegance without pretension.
  2. An icon of the building itself focuses the logo on the primary asset – an amazingly renovated 150-year-old barn – without suggesting too specifically how it should be used.
  3. The final logo made into a classic rubber stamp allows Craig and Sarah to create a variety of materials and packaging themselves simply and affordably.
  4. A custom map that shows off Tickebelly Hill’s prime coastal location near the Canada/U.S. border, near the popular St. Andrews by-the-Sea resort destination, and within two hours of three major local cities. ¬†A clean, barn hex geometric design and some restrained nautical elements drawn by hand add grit without being dismissed as too “rural” or “maritime” for formal events.
  5. A ¬†minimal Facebook page cover image and coordinating profile image kept the business in the minds of the Conley’s network as they completed renovations without committing to a stressful opening date or fielding advance booking enquiries.
  • Ticklebelly Hill
  • March 2013
  • Branding
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