“Tidepool” Booklets Series

  • Examples of the well-recieved "Tidepool" booklet pilot.
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  • Introduction layout.
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  • Notes and References.

Challenge: develop a broad-appeal resource that demonstrates a non-profit’s social value and expertise.


Working with non-/social-profits requires a great deal of time and effort in seeking, developing and maintaining the contributions and support of others, many of whom believe in the organization’s mission, but may not receive direct value for that support. My colleague Joel Mason and I proposed some initiatives to St. Stephen’s Univeristy in order to ease this dynamic by seeking to tap the organization’s areas of non-monetary wealth. ¬†As a place of higher education, the organization had rich resources of knowledge and experience to share. The Tidepool booklet was an attempt to turn these treasures into tangible, accessible resources that could be given or shared with their support base, with like-minded organizations and with the community at large.


Developing concrete resources out of the organization’s unique soft-skills demonstrated a readiness to participate, leadership and a visible expertise.


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